Our Organization Approach
Digital Sustainability to measure and compare

"You can't manage what you can't measure" is the dogma in sustainability. However how do you know how well you are doing if you cannot compare?
We are building a data-centric platform that allows our efforts in ESG and Sustainability measure up to assess specifically what we do good and what we do great. Our digital platform will allow data to be benchmarked anonymously against sectors, peers and geographies. 

Develop and stress test your ESG metrics and risk profiles using regional best practices

Sustainability Reporting

Develop a reporting strategy to ensure complementarity to the business vision and stakeholders

Carbon Credits

Registration and enrollment of projects in voluntary and mandated schemes to monetize


Improving resource efficiency helps optimize businesses and increases green credentials

Environmental Finance

Facilitate project finance using green and low carbon attributes to reduce cost of capital

CO2 Audit & Verification

Carbon Management and verification in compliance to ISO and CORSIA requirements

Million Tons of CO2 Removed
Knowledge Sharing Events
Success Stories Shared
Key Subject Matter Experts
Cups of Espresso Per Year
We must reach “net zero” emissions, meaning that humanity must remove as much carbon as it emits each year 

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Our Experience
The core team has a century of experience in investments, finance and economics with a focus on climate change and low carbon technologies.
  • Green House Gases (GHG) and Inventories and Monitoring, Reporting, Verification (MRV) 2009 in GCC. 
  • ISO 14064 | 14065 | 14067 Audit and Verification
  • Net Zero, Carbon Neutral and Science-Based Target Setting
  • Green Capital, Green Bonds and Sukuk
The time is now!
Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism
World Economic Forum takes the lead in ESG

WEF in association with the big 4 accounting firms (PWC, EY, Deloitte and KPMG) under the International Business Council (IBC) and Bank of America have launched a new initiative under the tagline "Disclose or Explain". All financial sector entities as the participants to both WEF and IBC are urged to pursue the revised ESG standard provided at Davos in January 2021. Now is the time to stress test your investment portfolio against ESG risks.
Stress-test your investments
Our Team
Andrea Vigano


Andrea is an acknowledged leader in European Financial Service Industry with over 3 decades experience including a 20 years tenure at Blackrock amongst many other high visibility engagements.

Ivano Iannelli

Executive Director

Ivano is widely recognized as the foremost expert in Carbon Emissions and Sustainability for the Gulf region after 12 years managing Dubai Carbon  and 13 years with United Nations.

Current Projects
Sustainability Reporting App
This digital tool, distributed for free, will allow companies to do their own sustainability reports by following a structured approach. 
Current Stage: APP Testing
Aircraft Recycling Facility
The pandemic has lead to the aviation industry retirement of several aircrafts. This project aims to recycle up to 100% of every plane.
Current stage: Fundraising
Carbon Assets Securitization
Environmental finance can help projects raise cheaper and better capital though an open market blockchain platform which provides upfront liquidity
Current stage: Proposal