Hydrogen Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen electric vehicles represent a new and exciting opportunity in the electric vehicle industry. These powerful forms of transportation utilize electric motors powered by hydrogen fuel cells, instead of batteries, that produce electricity from hydrogen stored on board the vehicle. This clean energy source offers numerous benefits over traditional electric vehicles, including lower energy costs, longer driving ranges, and shorter charging times.

They are also much quieter and more environmentally friendly than traditional electric vehicles due to their zero emissions technology. Hydrogen electric vehicles have the potential to revolutionize transportation, making it both faster and more efficient for those who take advantage of this exciting technology.

Hydrogen Electric Vehicles

Green Economy Partnership

GEP is revolutionizing the transportation industry with their zero-emission, smart and connected vehicles. With over 50,000 of these innovative systems in operation around the globe and a mastery of logistics processes, autonomous technology - as well as emerging energy solutions - GEP/GAUSSIN is transforming mobility for industries ranging from ports to underground works.

Looking forward to smarter travel that's both more efficient AND ecofriendly? Look no further than GEP.

Our future is in our hands. Now more than ever, it's important to take steps to protect the environment for generations that follow us - before time runs out! GEP believes this is a critical cause and has been actively working on innovative solutions driven by purpose since its founding four generations ago.

Don't wait until it's too late — we can change things now!

Collaborate to Revolutionize Product Development

A range of diverse perspectives joining forces to create an inspiring movement towards betterment.

Through the power of collective collaboration, we are revolutionizing product development and uplifting consumer views across industries.

We're making a cleaner, greener tomorrow

Instead of settling for outdated solutions, we're tackling every challenge with ingenuity.

We've brought ideas to life from scratch and crafted cutting-edge technology that's leading the way towards zero emissions and fully autonomous transportation.

Our Strategy

  • Pioneering Sustainable Energies and Smart Mobility
  • Strategic partnership and regional ecosystems
  • Asset light
  • Co-development with key customers
  • Differentiation Focus
  • Focus on high growth and diversified markets
  • Market penetration and development through profitable growth
  • Scalable through Licensing model

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Nature Based Assets

Nature Based

Nature Based Assets

Hydrogen Electric Vehicles

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Hydrogen Electric Vehicles

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