• Offset your organization’s carbon omissions
  • High quality nature-based removals
  • Transparency and tech you can rely on
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Real Carbon Removal

Buying carbon credits is a great way to reach your CO2 targets, as an organization. But why choose our credits specifically? The carbon credits GEP issues are specifically carbon removal units. This means that we don't prevent emissions, reduce them, or make up for them, but that we capture already emitted carbon in biomass such as trees. The credits you're buying represent currently existing biomass, not a promise for the future. So they’re reliable and objective.

Real Carbon Removal
What You Get

What You Get

You'll have access to a continuous flow of high quality credits, year after year, without needing to invest in new project selection. When you buy an GEP CRU, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Real carbon removal has taken place, traceable to the plot level
  • The credit has been independently certified by VERIFIED CARBON STANDARD, GOLD STANDARD
  • You have a high impact on local communities worldwide, as 75% of all income goes back to the farmers we work with

Credits You Can Count On

When you buy GEP's CRUs, you're not just financing the sequestration of carbon—you're supporting the growth and prosperity of local communities worldwide and empowering smallholder farmers. The entire process is monitored by Rabobank, our locally based project coordinators, as well as the latest technology. So each credit is a credit you can count on.

In addition to that, our credits are direct-retire only. We're not in the speculation business, after all. Buying a credit means removing carbon. Easy as that.

Credits You Can Count On

We Make Technology Work For Us

We make technology work for us. Our carbon removal units are high quality, guaranteed. We track them using the latest and greatest technological advancements: combining LiDAR with satellite monitoring, marrying remote sensing with boots on the ground on the various continents where you can find us. Our solution is trackable and transparent, and scalable to boot.

It might seem like a paradox: green solutions made possible by high-tech innovations, smallholder farmers supported by corporate parties. But for us, it’s the most straightforward approach: one where everyone wins, from smallholder farmers generating new income to you, meeting your CO2 targets with ease.